1. My favorite animal is a dog.
  2. I have owned 5 hamsters.
  3. My middle name is Christopher.
  4. I was born in Halifax.
  5. My favorite food is sushi.
  6. In the past year I have travelled to Ottawa twice.
  7. My favorite book is Mossflower.
4 Responses to “7 Random Things About Me”
  1. Brittany says:

    I love sushi. You know those triangles my friend brings to school that’s my favourite sushi.

  2. Courts says:

    My name is Courntey and I’m from Australia,
    Wow, those are pretty random things!!
    I have Nintendo DS lite, just to let ya know :)

    Nice talking.

  3. Flyff says:

    Good post! I plan to move into this stuff after I’m done with school, as most of it is time consuming. It’s a great post to reference back to. My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway.

  4. 2Moloney says:

    Dear Blogger
    Interesting. I am a teacher in Australia, Melbourne. I want my students to blog…what do you think?
    What’s the weather like there?

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