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Lately in French class we have been working on a video project that incorporates weather into it. The video is pretty much a weather forecast, but (obviously) it’s in French. without further a do, here it is! french 8 weather project

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Winged Hourglass by Leo ReynoldsHello readers! Have you ever noticed that after blogging for a few years, your writing gets a lot better? Well, I’ve definitely noticed! Just look at the difference from my very first post, and a remix of my very first post, which I made on March 24th, 2009. The difference in the writing is very clearly there, and I’m sure that my writing has improved even more by now, because that remix was over a year ago now.

I’ve also gotten much better at reviewing games, which is what my blog is primarily about. Just look at the difference from my very first video game review to my latest review. Not only have the reviews gotten much longer, they also include much more details about the game which helps you understand what kind of a game it is.

Reviewing a game is also a lot like explaining; blogging has also made me a good explainer when people ask me certain questions (that is, if I know the answer to it of course!). Being a good explainer is also going to help you learn better because if a teacher asks you something, you would be able to explain it more clearly than if you weren’t good at explaining things.

Blogging has definitely contributed to my writing skill. If I hadn’t started blogging, I bet my writing wouldn’t be as good as it is after I have been blogging for about 2 years. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to blog!

Image: Winged Hourglass by Leo Reynolds released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license

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From Powerbook to MacBook by DrewVigalHello readers! In this post, I will be talking about my 21st century skills.

  • Blogging – Blogging has made a large impact on how my learning has been since I have started it. It has made me a better writer, and a better reader. Blogging is definitely my most important 21st century skill.
  • Windows Movie Maker – We used Windows Movie Maker to edit some of the videos that we have made this year, like our christmas pivot breakdancers. Windows Movie Maker is very simple, and it can be used to edit a variety of videos that you may make.
  • Glogster- Glogster is sort of like blogging, but you are basically making a poster instead of a post. You can use a picture as the background for the entire Glog, and you can also add images and text to the Glog.

There are a lot of other things that we learned about this year, but these are the skills that I found most important to know how to use.

Blogging is probably one of the most important skills that I have because I will be able to use it next year in high school too, like say if I have some sort of paper to write, I could write it on my blog rather than in a Word document or on paper. That way, other people will be able to see my work!

What 21st century skills do you have? Do you think that you will be able to use them when you get into higher grades?

Image: From Powerbook to MacBook by DrewVigal released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial license

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Hello readers! You may remember a post I did a while ago; it was about New Years Resolutions.Well, this is basically a follow-up post to it. We’re posting the results of our resolutions at the end of the school year because at the end of the year we will have a new teacher (and a new school for some people).

My Personal goal results

My personal goal was to try to help people out. Honestly, I think that this resolution didn’t quite work out for me because there wasn’t many times when people needed help, and our class usually has a lot of teacher assistants to help people when needed. So, this resolution didn’t work for me.

My Classroom & School goal results

My classroom & and school goal was to help pick up the trash around our class/school grounds. I think this resolution didn’t work out for me because I don’t really like picking up trash unless it was mine. :)

My Local goal results

My local goal was to basically recycle anything that I could! I believe that this resolution worked out for me because I already do recycle everything I can.

My Global goal results

My global goal was to walk or bike to school everyday to help by not using a car to get to school. I think that this goal worked up to the point where I broke my ankle, so I’d say that this goal worked for me.

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Crutches by gruntzookiHello readers! I thought that I would share with you some things that are currently happening in my life.

So, as you can tell by the title, I have a broken bone. It’s not my leg or my arm though; it’s my left ankle, so I have to use crutches to get around. I find them harder than walking for a few reasons, like how when you use them you are expelling more energy than if you were walking, and that if you’ve been using them for about 2 weeks, they start to hurt because they are rubbing against your armpits when you use them, and I guess that irritates the skin. I also had to get surgery done on my ankle! They had to put a screw in it to hold it in place because the bone didn’t split, I just somehow moved it about an inch out of place.

Not everything is bad about having a broken bone, though. It gets me out of doing all of my chores, but then again, I can’t really do anything except watch T.V. so it gets boring pretty fast. One good thing is that a lot of people have signed my cast, so it’s pretty colourful now instead of just being completely white. :)

The (partially) good part is that I will be walking by about the end of June, or the starting of July, but with the screw in my ankle I won’t be able to run, or do P.E. at the start of Grade 8 because the screw is staying in my ankle until about the end of November.

So tell me readers; have you ever broken any of your bones? If so, which bone was it? I’d love to hear from you!

Image: Crutches locked to bike-rack, 16th St Mission BART station, the Mission, San Francisco, CA.JPG by gruntzooki released under a CC Attribution – Share Alike license

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iPhone 3G Writing by Fr3d.orgHello readers! This post is written as Challenge 9 of the 2010 Blogging Challenge.

So, for Challenge 9, Miss W. has given us links to some infographics about teenagers and their use of the web. The infographics covered a wide variety of topics, with one of them being the growth of Facebook over the past 6 years, like how it started out in 2004 as a Harvard-only networking site. Now, Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide! Also, the infographic on Facebook includes a lot more information than just how many users there are – you should check it out! I myself don’t actually use any social networking site… they sound a bit strange to me!

The use of cellphones has also changed a lot in the recent years. There once was a time when the only thing you could do on a cellphone was talk to people; now, you can access the Internet, use Facebook and Twitter and many other things that cellphones couldn’t do before. Devices like the iPhone have truly changed the way you look at a cellphone. I also don’t have a cellphone or any of those fancy gadgets either.

I think that the most nteresting infographic is the one that fits people into what type of Internet user they are. It has a variety of things that people are doing on the Internet, with all ages having a different percentage of use. I fit under the type of user that’s titled “Creator”. this means that you publish web pages or write blogs. Basically, it is the group of people that upload work onto the Internet.

So, what kind of Internet user are you? Do you think that the infographics are interesting?

Image: iPhone 3G Writing by released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license

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Rotorua 28 - - Te Puia - Maori food storage building by Ben BeiskeHello readers! This week we have been working on something that I think is really cool… we are learning how to do a Maori mihi!

We are learning how to do these because yesterday we had a Skype conversation with Mr. Webb‘s Year 7 class in Hamilton, New Zealand. The Maori are the native people of New Zealand, which means they were living there before the European explorers discovered it.

You may be asking what a Maori mihi is? Well, they are a traditional Maori greeting when introducing yourself. All of us have recorded our greeting and we are putting them on our blogs, so expect to see a lot of mihis!

Here is mine. :)

Image: Rotorua 28 – - Te Puia – Maori food storage building by Ben Beiske released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license

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 Earth Day - Trees by morgantjHello readers! This post is written as Challenge 7 of the 2010 Blogging Challenge.

So, Earth Day recently passed by, and our class did something really cool. We went paperless for the day, so we used absolutely no paper! You may ask how we continued to learn without paper? Well, we wrote on our desks!

For math (which is basically the only work we did that day), we had a set of dry erase markers (dry erase is this kind of ink that you can just wipe off without water). We did some work with number lines and timezones, so it was actually pretty fun. We learned some strategies how to calculate the (correct) time of another place in the world with a simple set of integers going to negative twelve and positive twelve. The reason why timezones go negative and positive is because of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is where the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is 0. It goes down from 0 to -12, and up from 0 to +12. Our teacher said that if we flipped that number line so that it is going up and down, we would have a thermometer!

So, what did you do or your class/school do for Earth Day? Did you also go paperless? I’d love to hear from you!

Image: Earth Day – Trees by morgantj released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license

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Hello readers! This post is challenge 6 of the 2010 Blogging Challenge.

So, the title of this post is pretty self explanatory, so I’m just going to get right down to the blogs I recommend. :)

  1. Bringing us together – I recommend this blog because it was made to carry on the friendships between the international students that were made in the 2008 Blogging Challenge. This is a pretty interesting blog; the ownership of it changes every 2 weeks so that a new class always has time to write on it.
  2. Huzzah! – I recommend this blog because it is a classroom full of great writers. Also, last year when I was blogging, Huzzah was my class’ blog!
  3. Technology in our classroom - Apart from this blog having a very good person taking care of it, the bloggers in the actual class are really good writers, which makes it much better.
  4. Blog, Blog Blog Blog, Blog Some More - I recommend this blog because Ms. Burton and her class have interesting posts on their blog. Also, they are from New Orleans, which is where Hurricane Katrina hit, so it’s really cool to see a class from there blogging.
  5. Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog – Although her students (grade 3) don’t have their own blogs, Mrs. Yollis’ classroom blog is a really fun way to see what they are learning about in their class. I wish that I had a classroom blog in grade 3!
  6. Blog Mii – I think that this is a great blog for all gamers. Although, if you don’t like gaming, I’m sure that you will be able to find something that interests you on Blog Mii.

So, there are the blogs that I recommend. Do you have any blogs that you read frequently that you would recommend to your readers?

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Hello readers! In school, we are working on something called the Entrepreneur Fair. You basically have to come up with a product and a business plan to sell it. So, to help my researching, I have this survey that you can take to help me decide what the people want. Instead of SurveyMonkey, this time I have used Google Docs. I like SurveyMonkey more though because I find it much easier. =)

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