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iPhone 3G Writing by Fr3d.orgHello readers! This post is written as Challenge 9 of the 2010 Blogging Challenge.

So, for Challenge 9, Miss W. has given us links to some infographics about teenagers and their use of the web. The infographics covered a wide variety of topics, with one of them being the growth of Facebook over the past 6 years, like how it started out in 2004 as a Harvard-only networking site. Now, Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide! Also, the infographic on Facebook includes a lot more information than just how many users there are – you should check it out! I myself don’t actually use any social networking site… they sound a bit strange to me!

The use of cellphones has also changed a lot in the recent years. There once was a time when the only thing you could do on a cellphone was talk to people; now, you can access the Internet, use Facebook and Twitter and many other things that cellphones couldn’t do before. Devices like the iPhone have truly changed the way you look at a cellphone. I also don’t have a cellphone or any of those fancy gadgets either.

I think that the most nteresting infographic is the one that fits people into what type of Internet user they are. It has a variety of things that people are doing on the Internet, with all ages having a different percentage of use. I fit under the type of user that’s titled “Creator”. this means that you publish web pages or write blogs. Basically, it is the group of people that upload work onto the Internet.

So, what kind of Internet user are you? Do you think that the infographics are interesting?

Image: iPhone 3G Writing by released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license

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Hello readers! This post is part of the 2010 Blogging Challenge, where you can go and find out more information about it.

So, you may have noticed that a lot of blogs have an avatar (a picture that shows up whenever you make a comment). Most of the avatars and animated and not an actual picture of the person. This is a way to give people hints about what you look like without actually using a picture of yourself. However, sometimes you may find a blog that has an actual picture of the person instead of an animated one.

When posting a picture of yourself on the Internet, you have to be careful with how much information you have given out with it. It’s never really a great idea to give it out with your last name and other important details that you may have listed.

With blogging, sometimes it’s alright to put a picture of yourself up (Although, most of the time when a student’s picture gets put onto the Internet your teacher will confirm with your parents whether or not it’s OK with them, and they will not be naming the people in the picture). In other cases, like Facebook, you are giving out your name and and what you look like, but I’m not entirely certain how Facebook works; I believe that only people you have added as a friend can see your important details.

So, when is it a good time to post a picture of yourself on the Internet? When you are sure you really want to, and when you have permission! Otherwise, you may have to deal with the things that come up from doing it differently.

Also, if you’re having problems with your commenting avatar not showing up on certain blogs, you can visit this post for a solution to it.

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